Changes to Cognition360

Liam Somers
Liam Somers
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If something in Cognition360 isn’t working for you, there are a few different options available depending on the cause of the challenge:

Customization of how your data is displayed

Our Support team are capable of making some customizations to how your existing data is displayed. You can find out more about this in the following article: Data Customization Options

Bugs / Incorrect Data

If you think that there is a bug or the data is being displayed incorrectly. Please send an email to our support address:, including screenshots of the report in question and any screenshots showing why/how the report may be inaccurate.

Our Support team will work with the Engineering team to confirm the bug and get it resolved as soon as they can. We’re committed to resolving bugs as quickly as possible, and internal ETAs are assigned based on severity.


Enhancements / New Reports (Product Ideas)

If you see an opportunity to improve an existing report, would like a new report to be built, or have another enhancement request there are a few options available:

1. Submit your idea to our Product team

You can submit that feedback directly to our Product team through the ScalePad Community. Here you'll also get insight into the ScalePad Roadmap, the opportunity to network with other ScalePad Partners and more MSP content. Here's the process to do so:

  1. Sign into our Community Platform (you may need to create an account)
  2. Navigate to the Product Ideas page
  3. Search for your idea to see if it already exists. If it exists, add your upvote.
  4. If it doesn't exist, click New Topic in the top right
  5. Click the Product Idea option, and add your title, description and product to the idea
  6. Click Create ✅

To learn more about how Product Ideas and our Product Roadmap work here at ScalePad, here's the process:

Please note: We’re committed to continuously enhancing Cognition360 to work better for all of our partners and we usually build a few of these Product Ideas as part of our quarterly release cycle. That said, we receive many Product Ideas and are constrained by bandwidth, so there are no ETAs associated with building any ideas.

2. Build it yourself

If you’d prefer not to go through the Product Ideas process, and have a team member with some PowerBI skills, you’re welcome to copy our report and create a customized version yourselves that fits your specifications.

Our Support team are always available to provide consultative assistance, if you do have any questions regarding making changes to a Cognition360 report.

Please note: Never edit the Cognition360 report but rather make a copy or next time we publish updated reports, we’ll overwrite your changes.

3. Employ a PowerBI consultant

If you’d prefer not to go through the Product Ideas process, and don’t have internal resources available, there are outside resources who’d be happy to help.

As with option #2, anyone making changes to a Cognition360 report should make a copy, rather than adjust an existing report to avoid your changes being overridden.