Office 365 Account Requirements

Marnel Catlett
Marnel Catlett
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Cognition360 requires an Office 365 user with a Power BI Pro license dedicated for Cognition360. You may purchase that directly from Microsoft here or utilize your Microsoft partnership licenses.


This account is for Cognition360 to solely use when we publish the reporting to your Power BI tenant, set up the refresh schedules on the data and ongoing maintenance of reports. No mailbox is required for this account.

Once received we will reset the password to our internal standards and enable MFA.


Office 365 Account Setup

  1. Login to your Office 365 Tenant with an Admin account and create the user account for Cognition360. Typically you can use, but use whatever you wish (just make sure to name it something so your staff knows not to remove it!). 

  2. Send the credentials to

    1. If you prefer to send us the credentials a different way, please do. A common method is a site such as Password Pusher - but do this however you feel most comfortable.

  3. Assign the Power BI Pro license to the account.