Report Usage Frequency

Marnel Catlett
Marnel Catlett

Authored by Eamon Magan

Which reports should you use and when

This is list of reports that we recommend are viewed Daily, Weekly and Monthly.



Service Delivery app:

• Team Utilization – utilization and realization data for teams and team staff. Trending over the last 12 months and comparison by team staff.


• Team Utilization (Last 7 Days) – version of team utilization for the last 7 days. Useful for setting up as a subscription.



Benchmarks app:

• Time Entry Benchmark – report showing the benchmark value for Time Entry Quality. This benchmark is the lowest either the Timeliness or Utilization values for the period selected. Report details by time entries the reason for the timeliness score so that users can see how they can improve their scores. Overlap time data is also available in this report.


• Ticket Quality Benchmark – report showing the benchmark value for Ticket Quality. This benchmark is a combination of nine measures on the ticket data across Type, Subtype, SLA, Contact Attached etc.. Report information page on the report details the measures included in the benchmark and how the overall score is calculated.


Finance app:

• Agreement Profitability – profitability of agreements with tracking over time of the agreement value changes versus actual labor. Report also shows trends on monthly Margins and Billing (Effective) rates. This report can be useful as a daily report if applied hours are  an issue and need to be monitored.


Projects app:

• Project Summary – view active or closed projects across your organization, project manager or customer. See data on which projects are running on track for budget and those which are not. Drill through to project phase, ticket and labor data. Report also shows information on active project scheduled resources and resource schedules across all projects. This allows you to plan resources for future projects. This report can be useful as a daily report if project volumes warrant it.


Sales app:

 • Sales Activities – view activities on Opportunities for Closed and Open activity data.


• Sales Dashboard – view historical and current opportunity data. View by opportunity status, sales & margins by Type, Sales Rep and Customer.


• Sales Revenue Tracker – view MRR, Product and Professional Service opportunity data. This report can track against monthly targets if they are available.


Service Delivery app:

• Technician Efficiency – data on staff efficiency for all customer tickets and labor.


• Ticket Daily Stats – view showing daily trends for entered, closed and active tickets. Report shows trending and forecasting which can be useful for resource allocation.


• Ticket KPIs - shows ticket KPIs and metrics for Closed tickets over a selected period. Filters available on Business Unit and Board. Data views for Business Unit, Board, Customer and Technician who resolved the ticket.



Agreements app:

• Agreement Renewals – view showing which agreements have ended in the last 30 days, are ending in the next 30 days, are ending in the next 31-90 days. Based on the value of the End Date of the agreement. Plus any agreement close to a yearly anniversary.


Customer app:

• Customer Interactions – shows data on labor touch points for each customer in relation to user devices managed/recorded for that customer and by customer staff. Allows the user to see which customers and customer staff are generating the most tickets and associated labor. Report has a self-service page to allow for root cause analysis across interactions per ticket based off of dimensions selected by the user.


• Quarterly Business Review  - shows QBR data on Ticket & Agreement metrics on Active and Closed tickets, tickets entered and resolved in last and previous months and quarters. Common Issues data on who is submitting tickets, with ticket Type, Subtype and Item analysis. Customer Satisfaction data if it is available CW Manage. Computer Information from the configuration device data.


Finance app:

• Agreement Churn – information on agreement churn based on quantity and agreement value.


• Agreement Invoice Comparison – review agreement invoicing for last, current and next period. See which agreements are showing differences, allows the user to quickly review month on month differences ahead of billing to customers. Best used pre month end processing. Used in conjunction with the Agreement Hard Costs report to review new and removed additions since the last billing period.


• Common Issues - analyze common issues your organization is working on over a selected date range compared to the last 12 months. Across ticket Type, Subtype and Item for tickets and labor (hours/Costs).


• Customer Profitability – profitability across labor per customer for Agreement, Project and Service tickets. View by select monthly period.


• Invoice Payments – review all invoice data in CW Manage.


• Project Profitability – profit reporting for projects. Shows Closed and Active data, across labor and overall project profit.


• Service Profitability – profit reporting for service (time and materials) tickets.


Sales app:

• Sales Activities – view activities on Opportunities for Closed and Open activity data.


Service Delivery app:

• Ticket Labor Analysis – view labor against Customer, Board and Ticket Type/Subtype.


• Ticket SLA Insights – view showing SLA percentages achieved by Response,  Plan and Resolved. Uses the CW Manage SLA data and allows you to see the data at an Organization, Board or Customer level.


• Work Type Usage - analyze data on labor work types recorded and the labor hours recorded. See which areas of time entry are recording the highest labor hours. View splits on Agreement, Project, Service and Charge Code hours.