Staff Teams from CW Manage Member Data

Eamon Magan
Eamon Magan
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This article shows you the options within the CW Manage Member screen, which can be used to store the staff Team value that is used in the Cogniton360 reports.

Occasionally, you will need to add/change/remove users from a certain team to ensure you are getting accurate reporting.
Cognition 360 reporting pulls teams from the Department(Group) in the Member details. This is the easiest way for us to determine where each Team Member belongs in your Organization. We have the option of changing this in our reporting to be more granular and reflect the actual structure of your Teams. This is done because you would want to report on people with similar roles and job functions. You wouldn't compare your Help Desk Members to your Admin team. Your expectations of them and their roles are completely different. This gives you the ability to filter the reports down to a specific team and its member much easier.

As an example you might break out your Help Desk to Tiers or Pods. You would group your members by Tier 1, Tier 2, etc. OR Blue Team, Red Team, Etc. Follow the process below and let us know which field you select for the Team Name. 

The two options available currently are the Vendor Number or Employee ID, see highlighted values in the image below. Cognition360 use either value for the staff team or a combination for staff team and team level.

To see a full listing of the current active users/members and their assigned team.

  1. Go to the C360 Service Delivery workspace (you will need to have access to the workspace rather than the app).

  2. Check that the data has been refreshed recently.  If not, refresh the report first and then open it by clicking on the report (next to the Blue Icon) 

  3. Navigate to the User Information page.

  4. The middle table shows the data for Active users and corresponding team information.  

If you would like to use this option to update your staff team. Please contact requesting this to be set up. Make sure there is data in either the Employee ID or Vendor ID fields so we can confirm we have received it.