ConnectWise Manage - Hosted or Cloud?

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Cognition360's Flexibility

Cognition360's platform is capable of connecting to multiple data sources. ConnectWise Manage is either hosted in ConnectWise's Cloud or you will host this yourself. Cognition360 integrates both seamlessly - no matter which version of ConnectWise Manage you're running or where it's hosted! 


It's important that you inform us where CW Manage is hosted so we can connect to that data. Also, if you ever move from On-Premise to Cloud (or visa versa), please let our Support Team know.


Where is my ConnectWise Manage hosted?

The easiest way to determine this is by looking at the URL you use to access ConnectWise Manage. 

  1. Connect to CW Manage and login
  2. After you've logged in and are in the app, look at the URL. 
  3. If it matches any of the below, you are using ConnectWise Cloud.


ConnectWise Cloud URLs
North America
South Africa


If the URL is NOT listed in the table above, most likely you are considered "on-prem" for ConnectWise Manage. There are very few exceptions to this (Cloud customers can request a custom URL from ConnectWise).


What if I can't find the URL?

You can also look within the CW Manage System module here: