Datagate Billing and Agreement Reporting

Marnel Catlett
Marnel Catlett
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Authored by Eamon Magan



Datagate incorporated into Agreement Profitability reporting


Datagate Integration to ConnectWise Manage

Datagate can be configured to send data back to ConnectWise Manage (CWM). This data is sent in two parts:


a) Datagate billing/invoice data is sent to CWM as a Miscellaneous invoice. This means the record stored in CWM can be associated to a CWM company/client but it can't be associated to a CWM agreement. The Datagate invoice in CWM contains the header information of the billing from Datagate. That is, date of invoice, total invoiced amount, total tax, net invoiced amount.


b) Datagate sends Product or invoice line items to CWM. These product data records are stored in CWM as product entries. Similar to the invoice they can be associated to the company/client but not to the agreement. The product items sent include additions on the agreement but also taxes and fees applied to the billing by Datagate e.g. local and state taxes, call charges, etc.



How Datagate Billing is reported in Cognition360

The challenge with reporting Datagate billing and CWM agreement data is that there is no clear value to match these separate data source outputs. 


Cognition360 has developed a mechanism to allow for reporting to show the agreement profitability based on the CWM agreement with applied labor and the Datagate agreement billing.


The reporting delivers agreement profitability at the company/client level. Allowing the users to get the $ profit and % margin for the agreement over the period selected.


Cognition360 has also developed discrete reporting on the Datagate data in CWM. This allows the users to see the product line items for each invoice from Datagate. See costs and prices for additions, taxes, fees and call charges over time, by a single or multiple agreements or customers.


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