Common Issues Reporting (Type, Subtype and Item)

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IT Apps
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Author:  Christy Perez

Info:  This article will give you some guidelines on setting up your Type, Subtypes and Items within ConnectWise

Please note - Cognition360 does not have a best practice for Type, Subtype and Item.  The most important thing is being consistant in your process and train, train train your team.


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Here’s the info I have gathered and wanted to share on Type, Subtype, Item of tickets.  We do not have best practices around T, ST, I.  Here are a few recommendations I have.  


Type – incident, request, problem, etc.

Subtype – what are you working on (firewall, printer, workstation, etc.).  I have also seen Subtype as Vendor (Dell, Veeam, Microsoft, etc.)

Item – what needs to be done - Password change, new user setup, Scan issue, upgrade, etc.


Here’s a Reddit article where a bunch of MSPs say what they are doing or what has and has not worked.


Here’s how to make it mandatory in Connectwise Manage when you are ready:



Hope these recommendations help.  If you would like us to recommend a ConnectWise consultant to help you with this project let us know and we can recommend one.