Common Issues Report

Marnel Catlett
Marnel Catlett
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Report Explanation - Common Issues report. Common Issues refers to Problem Management in ConnectWise

Author: Marnel Catlett

Please note - All report examples are based on our Demo data.  Any similarities are purely coincidental.


Common Issues Page

Looks at the labor costs across the common issues of type, subtype or item which is recorded on a ticket.  






  1. is the Page Name (and also happens to be the name of our report)

  2. allows us to select the most relevant period for display.

  3. shows the ticket volumes against all the ticket types for the period selected.

  4. shows the ticket volumes against all the ticket subtypes for the period selected.

  5. shows the ticket volumes against all the ticket items for the period selected.

  6. shows the labor cost against all the ticket types for the period selected.

  7. shows the labor cost against all the ticket subtypes for the period selected.

  8. shows the labor cost against all the ticket items for the period selected.

  9. shows the labor cost against each customer where that ticket contributed to the results as filtered on the page.  By clicking on a customer, we will then see the report change to show us the breakdown of the items contributing to the resource cost.

  10. trend of the ticket volumes

  11. labor cost trend and the average labor cost.  


By hovering over any of the values, further information is displayed in the tooltips, 


You can drill down further by right clicking on the visual to explore underlying trends. This will open up the data for the tickets behind the summarized metrics.


By holding down the "control" key on your keyboard, you can add additional filters without losing your original selection.


If you click on any visual, all other page level visuals and tables will filter to that level.


You can further enter a focus mode on any of the visuals or tables.  This allows further analysis of the data.




By analyzing the data we can then consider the items that contribute most to our labor cost, whether any of those can be automated, processes updated or changed, workflows put in place etc..  


You can see which skills are required the most for the type of tickets received, and which skills are in lesser demand.


You are also able to identify areas of opportunities with regards to employee education.


By expanding the additional filters you can further delve into the data.


On most visuals and tables there is additional drill down capability.  Simply right click on any numeric value to see if drill down functionality is available for that item.



Because the drill down functionality can take you to a list of tickets with the ability to click through (using the link) to the ConnectWise ticket.  There is no need to switch between applications to do so. 



Looking at our example, if we filter for instance by Ticket Subtype - Tickets (Windows) (item 4), we can then look at ticket volumes trending for the last months as well as the labor Costs & Average Labor Hours.


In our example we can see that the volume of tickets (Item 10) have increased over this time but that the cost, as well as the average labor cost is trending down. (Item 11)




Search Ticket Subject

This page allows you to search by key words used in your tickets.  Even if your categories do not contain that item, you can search for an item by entering the text in the search box.  All visuals update to the search term and then the same drill down functionality and additional filtering functionality allows you to quickly analyze the data.




Ticket Costs

The ticket costs looks at the data from a customer's perspective.  This gives you the ability to drill down by customer, look at their volume of tickets and labor costs.  You can easily see the average labor cost per ticket.  Tooltips displays all the relevant information.  The ticket details screen allows us to click through to ConnectWise and look at any particular ticket.


You can easily compare the average cost per ticket between customers by selecting the name from any of the visuals. To see all data - simply click the name again.



Ticket Cost (CI)

Similarly to the previous page, except that it gives you the ticket costs by common issues type.


Report Information

All reports contain an “Information” page to help navigate the report terminology when required. It also holds the date of the report version.


In all instances, please feel free to contact us at if we can be of assistance.


For queries, please contact