What do I need to view reports?

Marnel Catlett
Marnel Catlett
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Authored by Eamon Magan

Review the requirements for each user to view the reports we present

As you may know, all of our magic is in the data transformation that happens in our data warehouse. We use PowerBI, a Microsoft product, to show you reports in an easy to use, digestible way. 


This means each unique user will need to have a PowerBI license. The license you need is for self-service BI, called Power BI Pro. Typically, this will be available through:

  1. Your current Microsoft partnership (these are usually "given" to you from Microsoft)

  2. Purchased through Office 365 (or your O365 distributor). 

Some of our customers create a unique/shared account and others need individual accounts. Your needs may vary depending on your use of PowerBI subscriptions, favorites, etc.


Will a Power BI (free) license work?

No - Power Bi (free) can only view reports made by that user and cannot view any shared reports. More info on that is here.


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