Adding URL's to fields in Power BI report

Marnel Catlett
Marnel Catlett
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Author:  Marnel Catlett

Info: From time to time you may want to create our own reports and add hyperlinks for ease of reference. This document explains how to add the Ticket URL to the ticket number in your report.

Please note - All report examples are based on our Demo data. Any similarities are purely coincidental.


How to add a URL to my ticket number in my own copy of the report 



Step 1: Save a copy


The first step is to save a copy of the report - this is because when we update the reports you will lose any changes made to a "master" report.  When you save a copy, your version / copy is still linked to the main data and therefore your reports will remain up to date from a data perspective.  This only changes if we make updates to the underlying data and how the report interacts with it.  Any copies would have to be re-created in that instance.
Once you have a copy of the report, you can then make changes as you wish.

Save a copy and then open it.  More details on this article.  Changing the filter type on my report


Step 2: Select the table or visual

  • Go to the page you wish to edit (In this case the Ticket Details page (2) on the Ticket Quality Benchmark -copy (1)
  • Select the Visual you want to alter (In this case the table)  you have to "Activate" the table by clicking on it and getting the border around the item.

Step 3: Update the Table or Visual

  • Under Visualizations, click on the Format tool.
  • Now scroll down to the area for Conditional formatting and in the first field select the "Ticket" column as this is the column that will hold the URL.
  • Now move your mouse to the Web URL icon and toggle the switch from "Off" to "On"


  • A popup will appear.
  • Open the dropdown
  • In the search field type url/URL (not case sensitive)
  • This data set happens to have a URL to the ticket data.  You will now select the available field and then click "OK"
** Please note, some datasets have more than one URL present.  Please make sure to use the CWM URL only for tickets.


  • Finally, the ticket number now has the hyperlink added.  

Step 4: Remove the "old" (obsolete) field

  • That means we can get rid of the Link called "View in CWM" 
  • To do this, simply navigate back to the Values tab in the Visualizations section 
  • Now click on the "x" next to the field called "View in CWM"
  • The field is now removed.


Step 5: Save the file and add to App (if required)

  • Click on the Reading view - This will prompt you for further action.
    Save the report and then add it to the app if required.

It is worth noting that the URL needs to be uncategorized in the main data.  If this is not done then the changes can only be made in PowerBI desktop meaning that your report will no longer be linked to the master dataset.  If this happens please let us know and we can update this for you so that you can maintain data integrity.

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