ConnectWise Manage Best Practices

Marnel Catlett
Marnel Catlett

Authored by Aaron Kennedy

This is a collection (in no particular order) of Best practices for ConnectWise Manage we've discovered over the years

Time Entry

  1. Enter actual time, not rounded time. Let CW round the time for you automatically for billing purposes.

  2. Make sure you have a process for everything.

  3. One time entry per customer interaction. Don't create one time entry for the work you did and another for the "email" you send to the client.

  4. Setup the Agreement, Project, Ticket with the right billing parameters. Don't ask the technician to change the "Billable" field status. Do ask them to select the correct Work Type and/or Charge Code.


  1. Include hard costs on all Additions. Work with your team to figure out what these all; approximate if you have to.


  1. Add budgets to all Projects/Tickets. The budget should match the quote the customer signed.


  1. Invoicing should be generated in CW Manage, not your Accounting Package. Use your accounting package to maintain your books. Batch process your Invoices/Items from CW to the accounting package.

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