Common Support Requests

Adam Edwards
Adam Edwards
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This document covers some of the various types of requests our Cognition360 Support team can help with.

Support for your Cognition360 reporting is included in your subscription. Below are just some examples of requests we receive:

Making sure your data displays correctly

  • Assigning Members to the appropriate Teams
  • Defining the Internal Companies
  • Classifying Charges codes as PTO
  • Defining which Ticket Statuses are considered Closed

Errors in Data Synchronization

  • Server changes causing Cognition360 Windows Service failure
  • Errors in the load of data which causing out of sync issues
  • Data sync errors and reloads of existing data

Power BI reports do not show the correct data

  • Reports fail to refresh
  • Report has timed out due to lack of use. Check in with your reports Monthly at least.
  • Credentials on the report are incorrect
  • Data Model changes that impact the reports refreshing

How to use the reports or where to find information

Can't find something or don't know how to perform a task? Let us know we will send documentation or links to webinars to help.

Power BI Workspace and App Permissions

During onboarding we assist with setting permissions for Workspaces and Apps but if you have any questions let us know.

Questions on validating data between platforms

  • The CW PSA shows 3 hours of labor on a labor cost report. Cognition360 shows 1.7 hours. The difference is Cognition360 more accurately using Actual Hours versus Billable Hours for Costing Reports.
  • Another reporting tool showing 2 hours of Labor on an Agreement. Cognition360 reporting showing 5 hours. The difference being Cognition360 showing all hours whether they are billable or not because they still have a cost included for profitability reporting. 
  • An accounting tool showing billings to your client that differ from Cognition360 Reporting. Our reporting as well as the CW PSA show profitability at the Agreement level. This enables you to track how profitable your agreements are, where its important to focus.

Data Customization

Our Support team are capable of making some customizations to how your existing data is displayed. You can find out more about this in the following article: Data Customization Options

Changes to Reports

Before submitting a request for a change to our reports to our Support team, we'd recommend reviewing the following article: Changes to Cognition360 Reports

Get Support

If any of these sound like something you need help with, or you just need general support with Cognition360, please send us an email at