Finding Your Way Around Cognition360 Reports

Adam Edwards
Adam Edwards
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The purpose of this article is to talk about navigating Power BI at a high level with some basic information on how to get around. You will learn the names of places so you can understand and navigate the reporting tool.

Workspaces is where managers and admins can create collections of dashboards and view reports. Depending on your permissions you can make changes to the workspace, reports, and dashboards. Admins can manage access to Workspaces and use them to create and distribute apps. In the image below I have access to several Workspaces as an Admin when I click Workspaces in the left hand navigation bar.


Apps is a place for your teams to view Reports and Dashboards you curate and allow them to see. Think of these as View Only. Admins and Managers can limit what is visible and to who. This is a great way to limit exposure to too much data. In the Image below I only have one App visible to me. If I want to get more I can hit Get Apps in the top right corner to see if there are any others available to me.


Reports are where all your data is displayed, calculated into metrics, and broken down in greater detail in visuals. The data is represented in visuals – which can be a column view table to a highly graphic interactive and colorful view. This is the visual representation of your dataset. 


Datasets are the source of data ready for reporting and visualization. Cognition360 will update your datasets with you PSA data and the reports will reflect those changes.

Below you will see the Report and it's dataset. You can filter to just the reports in the Filter drop down so its easier to find what you are looking for.


Pages of Reports, Reports will have multiple pages inside with breakdowns of you data. Pages are part of a report that displays a view of your data using visuals such as charts, tables, and matrices. Pages will be on the left side of the report and have a Report Information page at the bottom with definitions of terms and descriptions of how calculations are done.

Below is a screenshot of demo data for our Active Tickets report. You will see the whole report and a list of page down the left side of the screen.