Can I host my own version of Cognition360?

Marnel Catlett
Marnel Catlett
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Authored by Clive Trott

The Cognition360 solution comprises of two parts:

  1. Collection, processing and transformation of the data and

  2. Visualization of the information.

The first part of the Cognition360 solution is delivered in our multi tenanted cloud environment. This part of the solution contains our propriety code and data processing algorithms. This processes all the data through the same transformations and data pipelines, ensuring a consistent delivery of data across all organizations. 


This part of the solution is not available to be hosted by our customers.

Once the data has been processed, Cognition360 pushes the data out to specific reporting databases. There are three options for customers in regards to how they want to implement this reporting database:

  1. Use the Cognition360 multi tenanted environment,

  2. Provision and host the reporting database within their own Azure environment, or

  3. Provision and host the reporting database within their on-premise environment. 


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