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Marnel Catlett
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Info:  The process is similar to that of updating user teams, however the reason for updating is different (but equally important)

Please note - All report examples are based on our Demo data.  Any similarities are purely coincidental.





Step 1: Get the latest Team List

  • Similar to the article "Updating your staff team assignment", First get the latest staff list as follows:
  • To see a full listing of the current active users/members and their assigned team.
    1. In your PowerBI tenant, go to the C360 Service Delivery workspace (you will need to have access to the workspace rather than the app).

    2. Navigate to the Data Overview Dataset.  Check that the data has been refreshed recently.  If not, refresh the report first and then open this report by clicking on the report Name (next to the Blue Icon) 

    3. Navigate to the User Information page.

    4. The middle table shows the data for active users and corresponding team information.  

      Once you have this information you can export it to Excel in CSV format (via the table options on the '...' icon). Please note, new users will appear under the Unknown team.


  • Select the first option.


    (Once done you can access this via your usual Downloads folder).  


    5.  You can now make the necessary changes.  Please do not delete or move any columns but just add to the existing document as needed.  This means you will add a column to the far right of the document. (After column F) in the example below.

    6. Update each person's rate. (This rate should be the fully burdened rate (See step 2) for each user). Technician Cost Options & Reporting explains the options you have for storing and updating these rates.


Step 2: Fully Burdened rate

  • What it is
    • This article explains what the fully burdened rate is and how to calculate it.
    • In short:  It allows us to calculate the hidden cost of running our business and therefore the cost of each individual to produce the product or service.  
    • This allows us to get a clear view of an individual's profitability to the business.
  • How do I calculate the burdened rate.
    • Again, the article above explains it really well.
    • In short, Labor Burden Rate = Labor Burden Cost / Total Labor Cost  
    • Extract from the article, "Suppose we pay person A in marketing $50,000 per annum, and Person B from sales are paid $30,000 per annum. Annual taxes and other benefits paid to market staff are $13,000 and to sales staff is $10,000 per annum. Per the calculation,
      Labor Burden Rate = Labor Burden Cost / Total Labor Cost
      That is: 

                    *  Marketing                                                                             * Sales

                       = $13,000 / $50,000                                                            = $10,000 / $30,000

                       = $ 0.26                                                                                   = $ 0.333


  • That means that if we calculate a person's hourly rate from their salary only (At 8 hours a day and 5 days a week) then a person's rate would be:

  *  Marketing                                                                                * Sales

                       = $50,000 / 2080                                                                    = $30,000 / 2080 

                       = $ 24.038                                                                                 = $ 14.423

           but the burdened rate is actually:

  *  Marketing                                                                                 * Sales

                       = $50,000 / 2080 + $0.26                                                      = $30,000 / 2080 + $0.333

                       = $ 24.298                                                                                  = $ 14.756


Step 3: Send the rates to Cognition360 Support team.

If you choose for us (Cognition360) to maintain these values and once all the relevant values have been updated in

the spreadsheet, please email the spreadsheet with the changes to and we will make the necessary changes.


Please note:  We can also update the rates retrospectively, however, if you need this to be done, please let us know 

what the retrospective rate and date ranges are.


For queries, please contact