Power BI App UI

Eamon Magan
Eamon Magan

This article covers off updating a Power BI app to the new UI released in September 2022. It will show you how to add/remove a report from the app and also go over the Audience feature available in the new UI.

Updating a Power BI App:

For a Power BI workspace that has been upgraded to the new UI, you will see the 'Include in app' values are disabled for editing, see image below. In the previous UI you could select which reports to include/exclude from the app. To edit the report selections for the app in the new UI. You need to do this in the Content section of the app update process.

To update the app, click on the Update App button. This will open the following screen, which has three tabs/options at the top for Setup, Content and Audience.

In the above Setup section, you can edit the App name and description. You can also upload an image for the app.

To edit the Content of the app, which will be the reports available in the app. Move to the Content tab, see image below.

In the Content section, you will see the current reports available in the app. To include a new report, click on the Add Content option. This will open a new screen which will allow you to select and deselect reports for the app. To include/exclude a report hover over the area highlighted in the image below. This will allow you to select or deselect the reports.

After updating the reports for the app click on the Add button. The Content screen will update with the report selections, see below.

To move the order or remove a report. Click on the Ellipse icon (...) to the right of the report name. This will show an options menu.


Once all the Content is confirmed, move to the Audience tab, see image below. To show a report for an audience, click on the eye icon and the report will become enabled. If you need to add a new audience, click on the + New Audience option. Audiences allow you to tailor the reports to different users, as in Users 1 get to see reports A, B and C and Users 2 get to see reports B, D and E. This can be a useful feature when you want to only give access to specific reports. Please note, the audience access is app only and will not limit access to workspace reports if the user has workspace access.