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IT Apps
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This article has all the basics you need to make sure you're well-versed in our product!


The information below is intended for customers AFTER they have gone through onboarding.

Accessing Cognition360

Presently, you access the reports we publish through your own Microsoft Office 365 Tenant. You can navigate through your Office 365 Apps or just go direct to:


Contacting Support

Support of the reports is included in your subscription. Click Here for info on how to Contact Support.

How Reports Are Published

We periodically publish new reports and update existing reports within your Office 365 Tenant. Each report is included in an app - for example, we have a Service App, a Finance app, etc.

Your Cognition360 Admin has access to all of the Apps and is responsible for delegating permission to other individuals within your organization.

Add Apps to Your Power BI Workspace

Just because you have access to the reports does not mean you will see them on when you login. Click "Get Apps" to add all of the apps you see (this is a one time thing).

Access Your Apps

Once you've got all of your Apps setup in your Workspace, you should be able to access them at any point. You should not need to re-add them again. 

Our reports are put into these "App buckets" as a different way to attack your data. i.e. from the Customer perspective, from an Agreement perspective, etc. As of the writing of this doc, we have 7 Apps:

  1. Get Started
  2. Agreements

  3. Benchmarks

  4. Customer

  5. Finance

  6. Projects

  7. Sales

  8. Service Delivery

Day One Recommendations

Within each App there will be a list of ready-to-go Reports. Within each report there are several pages for that report. Do not think you need to understand each report day one. In general, we recommend choosing 2-3 reports that are specific to your role and dig in, understand, drill through, and take action. As you make organizational changes, watch the Trends change.

Long-term Usage of Reports

While Cognition360 is best-in-class at surfacing up areas to address with your MSP, it will just be a pretty graph to show off unless you're taking action on that data. Incorporate these reports into your weekly staff meetings, at all levels. If something is standing out, dig in and ask why.