Move to Production (from Demo)

Marnel Catlett
Marnel Catlett
You loved the Demo - GREAT!!  We knew you would.  To get you set-up in our production environment, follow the steps below.

Your ConnectWise Instance is hosted in the Cloud (Yes /No)

  • if Yes, do nothing - We will complete all the necessary steps :)
  • if No, proceed to the instructions below.

Your ConnectWise instance is hosted OnPrem.  No worries, please complete the three steps listed below and let us know once done.  It is that easy!


To assist with getting the move to Production, someone within your team will need to carry out the following task. These tasks will need to performed on the server where the Cognition360 service was installed.

  1. Stop the Cognition BIT Windows Data Service.

  2. Delete the log file ‘CompleteLog.txt’ in the Logs folder. The Logs folder will be in the location where the software was installed.

  3. Delete all files and folders in the ..\Compare\CWManage folder, see image below of what the content of this folder should look like. The CWManage folder needs to remain in place as we will reseed that folder with the data required. This folder will be in the location that you selected for the data files during the installation, normally on the C Drive.

  1. Start the Cognition BIT Windows Data Service.

Let us know if you encounter any issues.  You can reach us at or 


For queries, please contact