Is Self Service Possible?

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Cognition360 utilizes Microsoft's Power BI product as its presentation layer. The reports you see are all designed and displayed using MS Power BI. 


Power BI gives flexibility to integrate with other Microsoft products, but also allows you to manipulate reports to any custom needs you may have.


Self Service (SS) - Level 1

SS Level 1 is included with all Cognition360 accounts. Cognition360 will actively publish and update your reports. In the Power BI Workspaces you may copy one of those reports and manipulate the visuals (with member/admin access). Please do not edit any of the existing reports as we will overwrite these periodically.


Self Service (SS) - Level 2

SS Level 2 allows much greater flexibility and full control of your data. This will require you to setup an Azure Reporting Database (more details on that here). This will allow you to create your own reports using the datasets, add additional objects to the data model, perform calculations, and more.


Self Service (SS) - Level 3

SS Level 3 builds on top of level 2, but provides data obfuscation while in transport. Cognition360 data is encrypted in all transport modes, however we will configure the transport to not send Identifying Information (company names, contact names, user names, etc.). Then once we have processed the data we will work with you to add a process into your environment that will perform a key lookup to match the unique identifiers back to the Identifying Information and update the information in your Reporting Database.



Level 1 is included in your subscription. Ask your Account Manager about other Self Service Levels to see if those are a fit for you!