Troubleshooting ConnectWise Service install

Marnel Catlett
Marnel Catlett
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Author:  Clive Trott

Info:  Your ConnectWise instance is hosted OnPrem.  You have installed the service but we have informed you that we are not receiving any data.  Below is a checklist of items that could be causing the issue.


There are a few things to check with regards to potential errors.  Please do not re-install the service prior to talking to us.

Firstly, this error does not mean we have to re-install the service. If it is a SQL connection issue, I would say it is one of a few things that can be easily fixed.

  • The SQL Server or Database name are incorrect
    • This can be fixed by updating them in the config file for the windows service. This can be located in the installation folder and will have a file extension of .config . If you open this there will be a section called "connection strings", which you will see the SQL Server and Database names that can be updated.
  • The SQL account is incorrect (username or password).
    • This is the same fix as 1. Open the config file and update in the connection string.
  • If the SQL account is correct however the permissions are in correct on the SQL server. 
    • You need to provide the SQL account with read permissions (db_datareader) to the CW database.


If it is not one of these three issues then it could be an infrastructure issue, however it is best to contact us to work through the issue - 99% of the times we can fix the issues during a call.


Further information can be found in this article


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