PowerBI - Adding App Permissions

Marnel Catlett
Marnel Catlett
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Authored by Eamon Magan

Know how to configure permissions for users to view reports

In order to add permissions to Power BI you need to be an Admin level user on the Workspace.


To add users to the App permissions, go to the relevant Workspace and click ‘Update App’. Go to the Permissions tab (see image 1 below) and add the staff required into the ‘Enter email addresses’ box.


Power BI app permissions tab


You may not show up as Admin staff can be excluded from this screen as Admin rights get access to the App as default. To enable the app permissions for all staff, select the ‘Entire organization’ option.




Staff list when adding a new member to the App


Once all the staff are added to the App, click on Update App button (bottom right of screen). Then select the Update button on the next screen.


Staff will need to install the Power BI app from the Get Apps option when they log into Power BI for the first time.


Workspace Permissions

Access can be granted at different levels, below is a summary of the permissions on the workspace by role.


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