Data Customization Options

Adam Edwards
Adam Edwards
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The purpose of this article is to talk about how you can configure Cognition360 reporting to reflect your processes and set up in your PSA. Not everyone has the same processes or fields names. Our reports are ready to go out of the box but there may be some modifications required to suit your data. Our reports are flexible enough to account for any configuration of your CW PSA.

In some cases we will modify your data in our report database so it displays correctly in the reporting tool. Some examples of this include:

  • Correcting historical invoiced product costs incase you were not recording costs correctly or modified them since they were billed. This allows us to correct your profitability reporting over time. You can update your CW PSA data going forward and we will update it going backward. 

  • If you report Project time as Agreement time and this wasn't done originally. Cognition360 reporting displays Project Labor as Time on Projects and separates it from Agreement time, even if its applied to an Agreement. If you want to change how this labor is displayed we can apply the logic to report this time on the Agreement. 

  • You might want to report Non-Agreement Invoices and Labor under an Agreement but it wasn't originally billed that way in your CW PSA. Standard invoices can be associated with the appropriate agreement for Agreement Profitability reporting. 

Reporting on Custom Fields

Cognition360 has the ability to pull data from your custom fields and report on if like any of your other data in your CW PSA. We won't know about this data until we are made aware, so send us an email to our support address: so we can make the appropriate changes. We need to know what the Custom Field is called and where it is located. Full Screen Images are always helpful here.

Other changes to reports

If you're hoping to make some other changes to reports by adding additional data or even creating a whole new report, we've included the following related article: Changes to Cognition360 Reports