C360 Insights Excavator Series - Educational Webinars by Department

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Cognition360 Insights Excavator Series – Educational Webinars


We recommend the following training videos by department.  You can find these in your Cognition360 Get Started App.


Finance / Procurement

Financial Reports

Common Issues Reports

Agreement Profitability

Profitability and Labor Billing

Procurement Reporting


Service Delivery

Ticket Management

Technician Efficiency reports

Benchmark Reports

Common Issues Reports

SLA Reporting


Projects / Professional Services

Project Reports (May 2021)

Project Reporting (May 2022)


Sales and Account Management

Sales Reporting

Agreement Management

Technology Business Review


Owner Track

Agreement Profitability

Financial Reporting

Profitability and Labor Reporting

Benchmark Reports

Sales Reporting


All Departments (recommend watching these last)

Cognition Tips and Tricks