Technician Cost Options & Reporting

Marnel Catlett
Marnel Catlett

Author:  Eamon Magan

What are the options for reporting and managing technician costs?

Cognition360 reports by default, use the technician cost value held in the Member table in CW Manage. This is held in the Hourly Cost value. Reporting of labor costs use this value.


On the reporting side, we snapshot the technician cost each month. This is done to retain a history of the cost value.


Below are the options we have in Cognition360 to store the technician costs:


1) Use the value from the Hourly Costs field in the Member table, in CW Manage. This allows for the upkeep of the costs at source. The value here should be a fully burdened rate for the technician.


Down side of using this source is that Admins to the CW Manage data will have access to this value.


2) Use the value from the Hourly Costs field in the Member table, in CW Manage. But store the value as an average for the role, department or team. This allows for an average value to be stored. Which still gives the upkeep options at the source, but also removes some of the risk of letting this value be seen by Admins.


3) Have the values stored by Cognition360. This option removes the risk of someone seeing the value on the source CW Manage. However, it also lessens the upkeep option, as Cognition360 will need to be informed of any changes to make.


If historical values need to be updated so that the reports reflect the costs at a point in time. We can work with you to achieve this. To action this we would need a list of staff to adjust. With the hourly costs and periods to apply them on.

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