Active Users

IT Apps
IT Apps

What do you define as an "Active User"?

An active user is any user within the PSA with regular activity.  While this might seem like an easy metric to calculate, it can get tricky for different scenarios. We attempt to not take a "hard line" stance here, however the majority of our costs come from the processing, storage, and presentation of data entered by users. We wrote this as a guide for defining this.

What is "regular activity"?

In short, this is any user that makes any changes to a database. Even just viewing data creates logs within a PSA. Some examples of activity:

  1. Time entries by user
  2. Activities by user
  3. Purchase Orders
  4. System Configuration
  5. Tables viewed
  6. Streamline IT users

What about Downstream/Streamline users?

Since these users generally enter a lower amount of data, we count these at 50% (so if you have 30 Streamline accounts, we'd count these as 15 users added to your regular user count.

What about API users?

We do not count API users unless there's a rare scenario where our team has identified a large amount of data coming from an API account. In this case, we will work with you to determine if this is legitimate usage of your API

Can I exclude users from data capture?

In some cases we can, however in almost every case where we have done this (for example, Streamline IT users) we have gone back and added the data at the request of the MSP (to show comparisons to Streamline technicians, efficiency in MSP handling tickets, etc.