Report Cadence

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Marnel Catlett
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This is list of reports that we recommend are viewed Daily, Weekly, Monthly and On-demand.



  • Project Summary - View active or closed projects across your organization, project manager or customer. See data on which projects are running on track for budget and those which are not. Drill through to project phase, ticket and labor data. Report also shows information on active project scheduled resources and resource schedules across all projects. This allows you to plan resources for future projects.

Service Delivery

  • Active Tickets - View on active tickets by board. Information shown by last update and ticket age so that you can see how well tickets are being actively managed in your organization.
  • Team Utilization - Utilization and realization data for teams and team staff. Trending over the last 12 months and comparison by team staff.



  • Agreement Renewals - View showing which agreements have ended in the last 30 days, are ending in the next 30 days, are ending in the next 31-90 days. Based on the value of the End Date of the agreement. Plus any agreement close to a yearly anniversary.


  • Ticket Quality Benchmark - Report showing the benchmark value for Ticket Quality. This benchmark is a combination of nine measures on the ticket data across Type, Subtype, SLA, Contact Attached etc.. Report information page on the report details the measures included in the benchmark and how the overall score is calculated.
  • Time Entry Benchmark - Report showing the benchmark value for Time Entry Quality. This benchmark is the lowest either the Timeliness or Utilization values for the period selected. Report details by time entries the reason for the timeliness score so that users can see how they can improve their scores. Overlap time data is also available in this report.


  • Common Issues - Analyze ticket type, subtype and item to understand ticket volumes, labor hours and labor costs by common issue. View which customers are generating the highest costs for labor.
  • Time Entry Billing - View unbilled billable/invoiceable time entry data for Project and Service (Non Agreement) tickets. Report allows the user to identify billable labor for the current and past periods that could be invoiced.


  • Products Sold - View product procurement data. For products sold on Sales Orders, Ticket or Projects. See which products are sold in a period and to which customers. See the products a customer has purchased.
  • Sales Pipeline - Report shows pipeline opportunity data. 

Service Delivery

  • Common Issues (Service Delivery) - Analyze ticket type, subtype and item to understand ticket volumes, labor hours and labor costs by common issue. View which customers are generating the highest costs for labor.
  • Technician Efficiency - Data on staff efficiency for all customer tickets and labor.
  • Ticket KPIs - Ticket KPIs and metrics for Resolved tickets over a selected period. Default selection is on Service tickets. Project tickets can be included if required. Reported KPIs include Closed First Contact, First Contact Resolution (FCR), Single/Multiple Tech on Ticket, Reopened Tickets, Time to First Time Entry and the CW PSA SLA metrics.
  • Ticket SLA Insights - View showing SLA percentages achieved by Response, Plan and Resolved. Uses the CW Manage SLA data and allows you to see the data at an Organization, Board or Customer level.
  • Ticket SLA Modeling - Model changes to your SLA targets. See the impact of increasing or decreasing the SLA targets based on your actual ticket data.



  • Agreement Hard Costs - Report to allow the user to see all hard costs (costs on agreement additions) in one place. Quickly see additions with zero cost or additions with a cost higher than the price. Compare costs for an addition across all agreements to check the correct costs are applied.
  • Agreement Invoice Comparison - Review agreement invoicing for last, current and next period. See which agreements are showing differences, allows the user to quickly review month on month differences ahead of billing to customers.
  • Agreement Profitability - Profitability of agreements with tracking over time of the agreement value changes versus actual labor. Report also shows trends on monthly Margins and Billing (Effective) rates.
  • Customer Profitability - Profitability across line of business categories for Agreements, Projects, Procurement and Service tickets. Data reported is based on invoices generated with the invoice reported to the line of business in the report.
  • Project Profitability - Profit reporting for projects. Shows Closed and Active data, across labor and overall project profit.

On Demand


  • Technology Business Review - Use this report for your QBR, XBR, SBR with your clients. High level reporting for Tickets, Service, Client Satisfaction, Agreements, and Projects. Filter by client and export to a PowerPoint to review with your clients. Review Recommendations on Open Opportunities. Notes for clarification Labor minutes include Billable, Non-Billable, and No Charge time.


  • Active Project Tickets - View individual project data to quickly see the progress on a project. Reports and views could be presented to a customer as part of the project management process.
  • Resource Availability Planning - Schedule data presented to show which Team/Resources have capacity available to take on additional work i.e. a new project. Requires the use of the CW Schedule module to ensure all time is scheduled in order to see available capacity.


  • Opportunity Dashboard - View opportunity data based on when the opportunity was created. View won, lost and open data.

Service Delivery

  • Data Overview - Direct report to the Cognition360 data warehouse that allows you see how up to date your data is in the data warehouse. Report is a useful way to check that report data is up to date.