Step 3 - Create Office 365 Account

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Office 365 Account Requirements

Cognition360 necessitates an Office 365 user account equipped with a dedicated Power BI Pro license specifically allocated for Cognition360. You can procure the license directly from Microsoft here or leverage your existing Microsoft partnership licenses.

This designated account is exclusively utilized by Cognition360 for publishing reports to your Power BI tenant, configuring refresh schedules for data, and ensuring the ongoing maintenance of reports.


Office 365 Account Setup

We've discovered that breaking tasks into manageable chunks is often the key to ensuring efficient and effective execution. When it comes to creating an account for your team, we'll guide you through our recommended naming convention for accounts, the essential steps for whitelisting and geo-blocking, as well as Cognition360’s preferred password setup

It's important to note that no mailbox is required for this account, and we do not access any other Office365 applications using the provided email address.


  1. Login to your Office 365 Tenant with an Admin account and create the user account for Cognition360. We find it is often easier to have the account, (please make sure to have the account whitelisted if applicable for your organization*) Make the login easily identified by your team so it doesn't lose its licenses or get removed accidentally. 

  2. For the password used on the account, if your organization utilizes 2FA/MFA (Two-Factor Authentication / Multi-Factor Authentication), please ensure that the account created allows our team to set up MFA using any tool of our choosing. We use 1Password’s 2FA for this purpose. The steps below describe how to enable 2FA.
    1. Sign in to your Microsoft account Advanced security options.
    2. Under Additional security and Two-step verification choose Turn on or Turn off.
    3. Follow the instructions shown on the screen.

  3. Send the credentials to Cognition360 Provisioning:
    1. If you prefer an alternative method to share credentials, feel free to choose what suits you best. Some common options include sites like Password Pusher or One Time Secret. Select the method that feels most comfortable for you and your organization.

  4. The last step is to assign the Power BI Pro license to the account created for Cognition360.


* If your organization needs to whitelist Cognition360 users' IP addresses for Geo-Blocking or if you have any questions regarding this process, please reach out to our Support team here.